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The history of our way

1782 in Lviv based alcoholic beverage factory. Specialist alcohol production technology, Jozef Adam Bachevsk purchased new production lines in France and the Netherlands, and built a new factory. He began Lviv alcohol exports to France, Britain, Italy and Germany.
1996 based was Trademark "Hetman".Сompany name chosen included a combination of high production quality and features of historical and cultural heritage.
2001, was established in Lviv LTD "SPE" Hetman ". The company, whose power over 3.5 mln. Bottles per month, was equipped with modern high quality equipment. Underlying production of vodka TM "Hetman" is a unique combination of the best production technology, multi-purification system and one of the most effective treatment of vodka "rhinestone".
year 2013. Hetman plant sets new modern production lines and start producing products for famous brands and factories zusiyeyi Ukraine. Among inschyh - Morosha, Starytsky Levitsky, Zapadenka, Banderivka.
2016 - the plant produces more than 5 million bottles a year, and range increased to 82.

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